Friday, March 31, 2006

Transition/Transmission...Like I said...

This is why you have the president you do.

I've left some provisions and a few directions. Not many. I wouldn't want the crumbs I leave to end up on someone else's blogsite transformed into their words and ideas...any more than they have already. So, consider a scorched earth policy to be in effect.

I'll leave you all to you all. Here's hoping that your inability to reason out and to process even the most obvious bits of information, to recognize and name even the most obvious button pushing, guilting and manipulation doesn't allow you to teach too many of the wrong lessons to those (women of color, Black people, feminists, queers, gender fuckers, progressives, liberals, lefties) who happen across your blog sites in the days ahead.

The three short months I've spent among you has given me a really sweet idea for a research and blog project. I'll be around, you just might not really recognize me. ;)

I'd love to say Adios. But whenever I try to shape the words they come out more like to hell with the lot of you. But wait...that makes no sense...we're already living there...go fuck yourselves?...nah, you're/we're doing that already, too.

Yesterday I told my fetus/son to go back, to swerve away from this diseased world, to not come. It's more messed up here than I had imagined in even the worst of my nightmares.


And again one facet of me says to another facet: "Don't worry darkdaughta. You're the powerful, radical woman of color, freedom fighter, rogue theoretician, queer, femmy, matriarchal, slut, lefty mama you've been waiting for.

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