Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reloaded III...

Today I feel a good way. I've managed to get some of the emotional phlegm and accumulated smegma outta me.

I'm trying to think about which post I'd like to recirculate for this installment of Reloaded. While I reflect, here are my two much appreciated contributors this week.

Navelgazing Midwife's Tokophobia: Fear of Childbirth, which I think is a really good one for the wimmin who can't tell the difference between locating (unwanted) motherhood as a patriarchally constructed hell and the beauty of voluntarily giving birth to a being you actually want to meet and raise...I think there are a lot more cases of tokophobia floating around than many of us realize. :)

All About My Vagina's Free Bleeding, which completely triggered me around one free bleeder I knew who actually would angrily, silently, purposefully bleed on other people's furniture, then sort of shrug as if to say: "I didn't do it" stuff...not the furniture, just the memory. :) And...I hadn't realized that some wimmin don't go without "product placement" in the shower or bath. Sarah, doesn't that get sort'a crusty? Hee, hee, hee! :)

Thanks to both Sarah and Navelgazer for coming to play. Please go visit them and comment and stay to read some more.

Everytime I see another person of deep/er melanin pigmentation I get stressed. My mind starts layering and multifaceting me and whoever it is I've encountered. I have a low level, broad spectrum, cross cultural headache that's become part of my day to day.

Living in an actual burrow, a hole in the dirt with a sod roof looks more and more appealing everyday.

Can I share part of my headache with you...from a distance?

The Black Ghost Does Her Work.

Reloaded will be back again next Sunday. If you'd like to step into the hot pot and stew over the cooking fire right alongside me, check my sidebar for details and send me one of your oldies but goodies.

Thanks again to Navelgazer, All About My Vagina, who is a second time contributor, and thanks to all the other bloggers who have contributed to Reloaded so far.

if what you're reading here grips you, holds you, fascinates you, provokes you, emboldens you, pushes you, galvanizes you, discomfits you, tickles you, enrages you so much that you find yourself returning again and again...then link me.

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