Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm really, really happy that...

...I made the decision a while back to split my musings into categories. I have stuff on okc, stuff here on blogger and stuff on facebook. If I were pressed to choose, I'd have to say that the stuff I have on facebook, although textually brief, is nearest and dearest to my heart due to the fact that it offers personal bits and pieces, so intimate of the kind I used to share here but no longer do. I have...I think 17, maybe 16 facebook friends. That's a good number of people with whom to share the ingredients of my belly button lint. ;) Odd being thankful for a vapid tool like facebook, enh? But in truth, I think that if you're vapid and use facebook, your resulting content will be vapid, surface, sycophantic, pop drivel. If you're not vapid...well, you get where I'm headed, right? sigh...compartmentalization sucks but I guess in an oppressive world (an in oppressed communities where oppression is maintained and held so near and dear...), it has its place. :)

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