Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy belated patriarchally crazed and controlled breeder cunts day :)

I couldn't find anything I wanted to post in honour of this most revered high holy day of collective female psychic torment, dread and conditioning until I saw that someone had visited me from Mombian.

Then I realized that posting their list of Lesbian Family Blog links was an okay use of this time, space and venue. Be forewarned though that 1tbm is part of their lesbianly list. Not so sure how yours truly ended up being included. Maybe one day in particular i was feeling particular bratty about my (self) excommunication and had a debate with the people who compiled the list and demanded inclusive err...inclusion...? That sounds like something I'd do. :) Either that or they chose me themselves. Goddess knows why they'd do that. I'm about as straight lady as they come. hehehehe

In any case...a happy patriarchally crazed and controlled breeder cunts day to you all et voiLA!

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