Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I just want to point out that public group protest is illegal in most parts of the world...

Crowds are fired into, people are permanently disappeared, their families and political associates are imprisoned or murdered.

In the aftermath of the G20 occupation of Toronto it becomes clear that uncontrolled protest, which is how protests are actually supposed to happen, where people simply take to the streets to voice and demonstrate their dissatisfaction and their disgust with the way things be, is actually illegal here as well.

People are surprised to find this out. They're shocked and mildly angered. Well, at least the people who were at the protests are.

It's been difficult for many to realize this given the existence of various mythologies related to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly in the west, particularly in very sheltered, very privileged, very subtly controlled north amerikkka.

We have never been free.

I won't bother having this conversation with most people I encounter, especially not with those understand kkkanadian and amerikkkan democracies as shining beacons of light on a planet filled with state sanctioned tyranny.

It's no use explaining to those who will not see, who police each other and themselves, who proudly call societal control at every possible level "peace".

The "peace" we have, the peace we keep is most closely related, I think, to the Pax Romana, which was imposed at the point of a sword.

So nah, public protest, defined by everyday people with protest routes defined by everyday people with goals shared among everyday people is not legal here.

We've only been taught to think it is so as to give our governments language they can use to help us understand various blood thirsty wars and invasions they mount on a regular basis in other parts of the world.

"Oh, we're invading country X because its president crushed a union demonstration"

"Oh we're going to war against country B because its people do not have freedom of speech"

"Oh we're installing a new prime minister in country C because its people were driven from the streets and martial law imposed when they tried to collectively speak out against some a new law"

"Oh we're going to stop the flow of goods and services to county D because its wimmin live in under the control of an aggressive police state with everyones right taken away"


I'm so fucking tired of the sanctimonious, holier than thou, close minded, tunnel visioned bullshite. It's so disgusting to hear even people who define as lefties parrot these lies and half truths that obscure the myriad of real reasons why north amerikkkan and european countries actually seek to control peoples close to home and other nations not as strong as they are.

It's equally disgusting to watch people puff themselves up as they ignore the facts and describe with such pride democracies that exist only in their denial ridden brains.

So sad.

I googled search for "killed protesters"

I don't know if they're going to start killing or disappearing protesters or resisters in this particular historical moment in kkkanada. This is such a polite and law abiding country, better to charge and imprison or fine whoever they can pin something on and hope that this serves as a "lesson" to those who might consider resisting in the future. Wouldn't want to have the image of anyone you know or love splashed all over the front page in association with something as untrendy as overtly expressed defiance. So if we all collectively frown on resistance...because we know it will be punished, then no one ends up on the front page of the fucking Toronto Star and all will be well.

But in truth, I think given the formal and home-based schooling most receive from childhood on up with degrees offered to one and all in Acquiescence - A Way of Life with specializations in Milquetoast Liberal Ethics, The Sound of Denial Based Silence and Self Policing - from school yard to Starbucks, most people aren't going to end up situating themselves or supporting their loved ones to manifest as threats to the way things be.

They just want to go to work, get married in big ass churches wearing tuxes and white wedding dresses, have and feed their children genetically modified foods, rent really big houses from the banks which they insist on understanding as "owning", lease over priced vehicles that poison the air, buy really over priced fairly bland clothing that signals to others their social location and use all of this to accrue constructed, oppression based status for themselves and their children.

All of this is much more important than realizing that we only have the rights they want us to have.

We are fucking serfs.

On a planetary scale they - the richest and most powerful old and/or corporate based families on the planet - own us, our children and our labour. Government officials who many tell themselves work for us, are the puppets of these people. (hmmm...really need to make an obamarama dancing, jive spewing marionette)

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