Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I saw another article about obamarama and his big "betrayal"...

if people's complete utter, denial based stupidity wasn't so terrifying to watch during the hysterical period immediately preceding his election, if i wasn't forced to witness how easy it was to successfully lie to lefties and bring them onside, i would be laughing right now as who obamarama is, becomes abundantly clear...to the rest of you.


this isn't gloating per se. this also isn't laughing at any of you who voted for him...not....quite. it's more like me backtracking and remembering that awful, scary, depressing period when amerikkkans were once more brought to heel bythe blackchurian candidate aka the god king aka obamarama, as they seem to be by every president. for fuckssake, even george the village idiot managed to get all of you in line and manipulate his way into better polls and the fiat of the nation...with a few well placed thermite explosives.

remembering obamarama just after he was hired by big money to do the dirty deed, just before he came into office...with clothless michelle's armpits in full view.

care to join me?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's not about Obama becoming a "man"...

thegayte-keeper has left a new comment on your post "You know things are bad when the white people are ...":
you are so right...so do you think there is any chance for Barack to become 1/8 of the man Malcolm was?
It's about him developing a politicized consciousness of what it means to be Black for every day Black people in amerikkka whose lives have not been changed one little bit by his impending entry into the white house through the front door to sit in the oval office.

This cannot happen because his success as a politician has been hinged on the avoidance and erasure of this fact.

His tenure in the white house as a president of all, meaning he upholds the illusion of objectivity when it comes to race, class and other forms of oppression which divide citizens who have unearned privileges from those who don't, will be completely predicated on him not even coming close to becoming who Malcolm X was.

Funny thing...
None of the white politician/presidents were ever objective.

They were always squarely for the interests of the white, middle-class, land owners , capitalists, for the heterosexual (history will prove him wrong? coward and traitor to at least some of his supporters. his flowery language just means he's fully waffliing and letting the queers who voted for him, know that he's not planning on supporting them the way they supported him).

By being objective about the "changes" he is bringing, he will support the maintainance of pre-existing power hierarchies in amerikkka. He will, because of his inability to bring radical change, be backing those who dominate.

Presidents in the past were always for those who held the balance of power. They were for those who dominated.

I know there is a liberal school of thought that says: Change will take time. What this means is that Obama will need to not freak out those with unearned privilege by radically shifting the balance of power.

And he has agreed to do this. This is why progressives who are those with white privilege, class privilege, patriarchal privilege, heterosexual privilege or any other kind of marketable privilege, love him.

They know he, like presidents in the past, will make sure to protect their rights which have always and will continue to come, at the expense of the dominated.

All this to say, Obama is no Malcolm X.

He has different moral fibre than Malcolm X. His grassroots organizing does not come out of the same rage against racism or against any other forms of oppressio for that matter. He is a civil servant. Civil servants minimize change, keep the peace and calm the populace so as to maintain the smooth running of governmental systems.

Obama is not Malcolm.
Malcolm would not be siding with the israelis against the Palestinian people.
He is not Malcolm.
Malcolm would not be making plans for further oil and domination related war against muslim warriors in other countries.
He is not Malcolm.
Malcolm would not be making a bail out plan for the fucking white dominated middle class while Hurricane Katrina victims...well, don't get me fucking started about that disgusting mess.
He is not Malcolm.
Malcolm would have been making plans for the release of Leonard Peltier who, as I type, has been a political prisoner wrongfully incarcerated in amerikkka for...11976 days, 8 hours, 53 minutes...and...counting...

Nah...Obama is not Malcolm.
Malcolm would have been able to proudly state that he was a Black man living in a racist country and because of this, Malcolm would not have been elected president. Malcolm would have been killed...oops...he was...

1/8 what Malcolm X was to the Black people (not negros) of amerikkka?

For that Obama would need a radical lobotomy and
full cranial stem cell transplant.

He'd need to be a completely different kind of Black person. And then, he'd be scary and militant. He would not be up in the big fucking house shaking hands with a war criminal.

this one was good...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You know things are bad when the white people are putting Malcolm X on television and complaining about racist slurs levelled against a Black man...

Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell are related.
They are all (white) house negros.

I know, I know...
Most people are just hoping that the shiny, new, non-ebonics-speaking, big house negro soon to be in charge aka The GodKing will be nicer than the white male massas who have been crushing the flesh and bones of the amerikkkan people into the dust for quite some time now.

What I find interesting about this whole insult "controversy" is that so many decades after his death, with his birthday not having been made a national celebration, the white fake news purveyors feel secure enough and justified enough to actually allow Malcolm X's name to be spoken on television for all to hear...in a very limited context.

Barack Obama is nothing like Malcolm X.
The Al-Qaeda deputy, speaking so unapologetically, forthrightly and honestly, was at least right about that.

Please don't be simple. Nobody come busting down my door with a one way ticket to somewhere decorated with solitary confinement torture chambers. That's so last year.

I'm not planning on trading in my family for a hijab, a full body matching bomb set or even a rocket launcher. I don't believe in what Al-Qaeda is doing any more than what the amerikkkan government is doing. I was just struck by seeing Malcolm on the nightly news.

and this...this was difficult but much needed...

Friday, November 14, 2008

He's not the first Black (nominal) leader of a white dominated, capitalist state...

this is really rough...

Nelson Mandela ruled a Black majority, white minority dominated state that made sure to fundamentally alter the rules of the game before letting a Black man into the head office. All important money-related concerns were signed away...meaning, that the economy is still in the hands of the ones who colonized and raped South Africa while the Black majority continues to be dominated, only now, not many in the outside world pay attention or even believe it because the country now has Black leaders and there are "democratic" elections. Clearly, a darkening of the skin of that country's leadership and "truth" and "reconciliation" solved all apartheid related problems in South Africa.

Yes, it did...
For the white monied capitalist colonizing minority.

I'm sure that from the stand point of those who actually rule, the installation of Nelson Mandela was a fucking coup. After that "victory" it was clear that if you hired a white man to do the job, the people would eventually rebel, but if you gave them someone who looked like them, they would sit and take the nasty medicine, chew on a host of bitter pills and swallow. And in so doing they would not burn every last muthafuckin thing to the ground. They would invest. They would go along. They would hope. They would pray for "change".

But they would not burn everything to the ground.

The money, privilege and power of the white elite in South Africa would be safeguarded. There would be NO mass grassroots movement rallied to crush those who had caused so much suffering for so long.

So, I'm looking at the various groups of dispossessed voters and non-voters who came on board the obamarama train.
gays and lesbians,
Black people,
People of colour,
union people,
progressive lefties,
radical lefties,
grassroots activists from various movements,
church groups...
these are the ones that immediately come to mind...please let me know who I've left off the list. Now, before anyone comes to bug me, of course I realize that these aren't hard and fast boundaries and that there was bleed across the lines. There could be churchy gays and lesbians or radical lefty Black feminists. :)

Nonetheless, in terms of community agendas and the issues they examined, these groups were often separate(d) due to differences in privilege and experiences of oppression, true.

But as georgie did his damndest to kill them all, they became equal in their disgust with that administration, equal in their feelings of disenfranchisement from the voting process which, as it had already been proven by what georgie done did in Florida, was a complete and utter scam.

So they were separate, but I think that they were starting to realize that they could be a powerful coalition of interests that could in fact bring the government to its knees.

Holy SHITE! Those in power behind the scenes must have realized they were sitting on a powder keg. They must have realized that they needed to solve this situation quick! People were talking about civil war for heaven's sake. That would never do.

They had to give the people something sweet, a sweet treat to eat. Something that would make them feel all better, more powerful, more involved again.

But what? Or more specifically WHO could they bring on the scene who could bring these groups of people together? Who could lie through their teeth about every single issue and be allowed to get away with it? Who could tell one story to Peter, rob Paul, placate James and still hold the trust, love and admiration of all these separate, yet coalescing groups of people?

They weren't sure. So they produced a reality show that riveted the attention of the world. Rockstar Super White House.

First there were the try outs which would lead to the first big round of contestant eliminations.

Candidates vying for leader of the two official government sanctioned parties competed in the best capitalist...unh...democratic style. They slung dirt and shit and innuendos and lies with passion and a suitable lack of ethics. They utilized the identities and stories of the working class and poor to manipulate the working class and poor.

After the cuts it became clear that not much was happening on the Republican team. But over on the Democratic team, Rockstar Super Whitehouse was heating up.

HilBama were the two remaining contestants and the public was heated and polarized over whether the show's title and the party leadership should be given to an affluent treacherous white woman who was already tied to one president's administration by her contractually purchased and owned genitals or whether the whole pot should be given to a middle class presenting, conservative, christian, biracial darkie family man who seemed like a cross between the Black reverend who turned the other cheek until he died and a militant Black red head who converted to Islam in prison.

No one at the top could call it. They'd been placing their bets, a billion here, two or three zillion there. They had been placing large amounts behind whichever pawn they supported and inviting their affluent friends in other countries to also do the same.

As conversation about who was nicer and more representative raged among the poor, working class and middle classes of all races and genders, the members of the powerful families at the top debated who could best contain, control and generally keep a lid on the powder keg also known as amerikkka.

Only time would tell.

And it did.

Eventually, all the numbers were in, down below, but more importantly up above, they had their man. His name was Obama. Pesky Hil tried to keep the game running so as to show them that she could still be of use, that they shouldn't completely count her out of their massive domination game. They nodded and told her that if that was true and she could do something special for them, they would keep her in mind and keep her resume on file.

Then they summoned Obama to court and explained what he would have to do if he wanted to win. He shuddered but remembered that the shit was going to hit the fan very soon and that his wife and children needed to be protected. How better to safeguard his oh so special Black family than to sign up, sign on the dotted line and become their pawn, their boy?

So shaken and daunted by what he would have to do, by the massive whoppers he would have to tell to millions of people who would willingly buy his bull, he slit his own wrist and made his X as the ones who had drafted the documents looked on and chortled with glee and relief.

Now they had A Respectable Black Amerikkkan Man, Husband and Father!

No one would be able to challenge him or ask him a single question without looking like a racist.
No one would be able to openly resist him without looking anti-amerikkkan.
No one would be able to do anything but smile and clap unless they wanted to be labelled divisive hater who had no hope.
Anyone who didn't like his bull would just end up looking mean and stupid.

Because of the country's history of racism and white domination which their ancestors had benefited from and continued to benefit from to this very day, those in power knew that Obama would serve as Nelson had....please, nobody come trying to bite me about this...just take a look at what's happened in South Africa.

Obama could stop the masses from setting Rome on fire.

He would smile and the public would smile. He would kiss his wife and hold her close and the formerly enraged public would coo and get giggly. He would plan to buy a hugely expensive puppy for his two chemical haired (nappy hair in the white house? wouldn't want to take the fun too far) young daughters and the public stages a nation wide search for the perfect pooch.

And so, the people's candidate, the candidate supported by the grassroots almost completely across the board was actually the candidate of those who would crush the people. He would ensure that their power, privilege, money and pathetic little lives would be safe.

Georgie consolidated their funds and moved massive amounts out of the hands of the poor, the working class and the middle class.

Now Obama would keep the public in hysterical, mass denial, all completely ecstatically happy with very, very little. Obama would keep these people so sorely in need of real hope, parroting the empty words spin doctors had taught him to repeat over and over again so as to better hypnotize them. The singers and actors bankrolled by his campaign, hired to make commercials and videos and songs with catchy chorus lines would make sure that those who responded emotionally would have something to tingle and go all goose pimply over. The ones who would have led the revolution, those had been dealt with. He would molify their rage and keep them interested in the kangaroo court known as electoral politics and in so doing, further divide a left that had threatened to finally coalesce, that would have coalesced under some other leader, not hired by the few powerful families.

The public had not just received a single punch from georgie, they had in fact, sustained two and were right now, still partying in the streets.

The multiple sites of internal bleeding, broken bones, fractures and ruptured organs had not yet begun to show...

Hope you enjoyed my alternate electoral story. :)

it was pretty damned scary out there for a good long while. i was having multiple overlapping i am legend moments...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My name is darkdaughta...I am broadcasting on all frequencies...

I know I can't be the sole cognizant survivor of last week's hyped happening. There must be other resilient minds capable of engaging with the strategic significance of the melanin pigmented godking/figurehead without becoming infected with the zombie virus.

If you are receiving my transmission you may also be immune to the big money funded, spin doctor invented, media transmitted, highly successful electoral interest renewal "hope" and "change" meme.

I don't know...is anyone out there? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? IS THERE ANYONE LEFT?

just a hair's breadth left of center, progressive left, liberal left can't be the only game in town...on the left...is it? Somebody say it isn't so.

Anti-authoritarian lefty signing off

Monday, November 10, 2008

I asked this question a while back but Cornel is more famous...

i liked this one, too...

Monday, November 10, 2008

You do realize that by defending him or any single candidate however "perfect"...

You are defending n outmoded, ineffectual, nonrepresentational system of government that rose to prominence during times when there were far fewer people on the planet?

None of our governmental systems are actually equipped to deal with the reality of over 6 billion people on this planet, many of whom have interests that can't possibly be represented by nationalistic, zenophobic, hierarchical, elitist governments run by powerful cabals headed by figureheads so distanced from the true needs of the people that all they can do is craft lying, manipulative, surface speeches that present them as able to deal effectively with the needs of the many, when in actuality all they are capable of doing in controlling the masses by telling them that voting this charlatan candidate or that charlatan candidate into power will make them happy or sad, bring back the good ole times or stave off the reality of an unavoidable future.

I don't believe in Obama. If you don't like it then fuck off.
Obviously I didn't believe in McCain. If you don't like that fact well fuck you, too. :)

I don't believe in Layton or May or Dion or Harper. Fuck all of them.

Although I will put signs on my front lawn in order to utilize party advertisments to at least try to nonverbally communicate to my neighbours just how far left of them I locate politically...
I don't believe in any of the parties or their leaders because I don't believe in the system they represent.

I don't believe in the electoral games any of them play. I don't believe in their speeches. I don't believe in their party platforms. I don't believe in voting for this team or that team.

This is not the fucking superbowl. This is not an opportunity to finally be part of the winning fucking team. This is not your big chance to finally get to shake hands with the coolest kid in the neighbourhood.

These are our lives. This is our planet and no matter who is in power most of us are never going to get off it.

Pretending that one team winning or another will make a goddamn difference about where things are headed is delusional.

I don't think a better future lies with any of those idiots.

I believe in representative councils where people who actually come from the people, not from those who laugh at us, spit on us, live off the sweat of our brows and manipulate us. When people who were born of the people get together to have long conversations not governed by Robert's Rules of fucked engagement and make the choice to stop believing in heads of state, things will change. When votes of these representatives cannot be bought or intimidated, things will change. When lobbyists and interest groups who represent the powerful, monied and few are ignored, things will change. When corporations are made to pay dearly for poisoning the earth, for exploiting everyday people, for supporting rampant consumerism and other heinous abuses because the council is made up of every day people who will not take shit, as opposed to being made up of the relatives and golfing buddies of the ceos...
Things will change.

He doesn't herald this kind of change. He comes to build dykes around our pain to contain y/our suffering, feelings of disenfranchisement and voter alienation. He comes to contain the suffering so that everyday people will continue to play the electoral game.

As for me?
Well, I grew up not being able to stand the popular kids. No matter how "nice" they were, there was always some point at which they would turn. I never got the hang of watching them carefully. Not until I grew up and entered community. Then all the popularity games and how these are linked to power and domination clicked. Better late than never, I guess. :)

So I can't really play the popularity games easily. I want real change. I want more change.

I think it's well past time for us to call for the abolition of the old governmental systems.


Well, when you have to lie to yourself and hope on a wing and a prayer that the person you elect won't be too crazy and won't fuck you to deeply or repeatedly, when you have to make up polished popstar generated indoctrination videos to lull yourselves and others to sleep, it really is time to call it a day and create something that works better for us all, rather than for the powerful families who rule us.

No Socialism. No Communism. No Democracy. No Euro lead and defined Anarchy, either. No royalty. No people treated like gods and given the best of the best while children live and die in tent cities. No wealthy privileged bullies of any pigmentation in suits protected by the CIA.

No powerful and privileged few dominating the screaming, crying, bleeding, starving, dying, disenfranchised many.

I believe there are more options than those identified by people whose agendas are predicated on us believing in our limitations rather than in the ways we can co-create.

I believe...in interconnectedness.
I hope...for collectives to replace governments.
Yes we CAN. :)
We can co-create shared free food supplies, shared health cares, shared education, shared housing available to everyone, shared wealth hoarded by no one, shared power, shared attention, shared access. Shared everything.

Each according to their need.

Each according to their need.

Now, I have to go eat lunch and breastfeed the baby. If anything else comes, you'll be the first to know.

painted performative pretties hold the attention of so many...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Too fucking fascinated with pre packaged, performed, palatable prettiness...

Yeah, when the package looks and sounds good...when the package is well dressed and coiffed...when the package has pretty teeth and knows how to pose well and play the game...when there really is no choice but to believe...it's game over...


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Butoh Blackness...

I've had really tense conversations with other Black people from time to time about manifestations of Black culture, arts...music, visual art, dance, writing...starting off as powerful manifestations of the collective and of the SELF, charting our experiences through time emotionally with the aid of language, colour, sound, movement...
Soon being "discovered" by other people not us and from there morphing into capitalist, surface seeming, popularity accruing, consumable exploit...no longer ours, almost completely not associated with us.

This has happened in kkkanada where hip hop, break dancing and associated clothing are now called "urban" culture. White supremacist popular culture creation machines absorbed expressions of resistance linking Black folks here to diaspora, craved the colourful, vibrance and intensity, remade it, renamed it and is now in the process of selling us the "new" product back to us and others as something divorced from who we are. Sweet.

I went through this really intense period in my early twenties where I was obsessed with everything Black. I only wanted to hear music by Black people, read books written by Black academics and novelists, go to movies where Black people figured prominently, go to social events where Black people were in the majority, go to plays about Black people...

At some point this started to shift. I think my first exit point was created for me courtesy of the homophobia and lesbophobia I started to acknowledge encountering in community. It was polite oppression, cuz we're in kkkanada, now. People didn't say "don't come near us". They just made sure that spaces were oppressively heterocentric. They didn't say "don't speak about who you are". They just made certain that whatever could be said that might serve as a critique of their obsession with towing particular lines of compulsory heterosexuality was given precious little space.

From a distance I started to see other fault lines, other places where interacting was extremely problematic. People didn't/don't have...well, let's not talk in the negative...people have the sexual critiques of their parents...which is to say that even among twenty somethings, people considerably younger than I am, christian conservative sexual conservatism is rampant.

What's even more disturbing for me, what I understand to be evidence of white supremacist colonization, evidence of Black people's obsession with seeming perfect and therefore worthy of the name "human" is the obsession with tidy, clean, overly polished/produced/practiced images, music, dance, photography...poetry. Pop culture, consumable culture, easily taken in and understood because any of the gristle, any of the bone, any of the burnt and crusty bits have been sliced away leaving only a pablum like paste no one has to chew too hard to consume.

I think this is why I like the idea of Butoh dance so much.

It's thinking dance...
It's feeling dance...
It's traumatized dance...
It's ugly dance...
It is a confused howl of complete horror....
It's muddied, gory dance...
A by product of a nation's experience...after world war two...after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This is not the dance of people who give a fuck who's watching.
This is not the dance of people who wonder whether their performance will garner applause and good reviews.
This is not the dance of people who worry about buying some more bling.
This is not the dance of people who worry about whether the cameras are getting their good side.

I want Black, Diasporic, lost fucking cousins Butoh.
I want rage at never being able to truly "return" "home" Middle Passage Butoh.
I want confused, coloured and colonized settler Butoh.
I want a furious spastic, a-rhythmic dance that doens't transport me bumpin and grindin down that Egyptian river aka De-Nile.
I want a ketch she and rape she, miscegenated, worst of both worlds, pappy/minstrel show gone horribly wrong dance that doesn't offer me fantasy space away from the knowledge of who I am.

I want trauma dance...
Angry survivor guilt dance that will wo'k it out fer real not made amusing or lighter by anybody's foot being hol' up, anybody's wais' winin'.

I want a Butoh dance that rocks me right on through the Middle and out the other side fer real.
I want a copper smelly, sticky, dirty, settler made really bad choices, hands stained with Native blood dance not decorated with multicoloured feathers and sequins that makes space for completely unrehearsed, unmodulated shrieks of disgust, terror and horror combined.

I want a tumbing, jumbled, troubled space of self articulation beyond already diseased products Sony or Disney or BET or Mirvish Productions can purchase, gut even further(...is it possible to gut something that was lifeless to begin with?), market and sell back to me.

Dear Goddess! Dear Goddess! Dear Goddess!
Just once, just once, just once!
I invoke thee. I invoke thee! I INVOKE THEE!
This is me shrieking an early 40th birthday wish!

Smash the over proof soaked dark cake and smear sticky, stinking icing on the walls!
Feed vermin the split peas and rice, curry goat, blood pudding and souse!
Break forty candles and light the master's buffet and table on fyah!
Kick the honoured courteous guests in the head and send them screeeeeeaaaaaming clothing ripped to tatters out into the streets to spread the word!
Jump for melancholy, twisted, hurting, burning, fuk'd in the head

Black Diasporic African BUTOH
Black Diasporic African BUTOH, Black Diasporic African BUTOH!

maybe I've found a new calling -

Artistic Director
The Diasporic African Anti-Christ's Completely Spastic and Dingy Dancers From Hell (opening a chapter on a block near you...be afraid, be very afraid)

Yeah, I like the sound of that. :)


Saturday, November 8, 2008

ohhhhhBAAAAAMMMaaaaaaaa...he's already eaten their brains...now they want to eat yours...

this just moved me to tears...of hysterical laughter...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm also really happy that poo filled Colon...unh...Colin Powell is really happy about Obama winning, too...

eeeww...she is so...icky...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

If one of the most dangerous Black wimmin on the planet is happy and inspired about his victory...

Big Black conscious, anti-racist, academic theoretician she is...
If Condi believes that the cause of making "race" a "non-issue" is furthered by Obama's winning of the election...
Well, that does it!
Obviously I should be happy, too.
I'm so glad that even when you're dealing with the minions of mass murdering war criminals there's always a way to find common ground.

and i'll leave the retrospew here for now...

Friday, November 7, 2008

In kkkanadian terms his political views and stances mark him as close kin to our ruling right wing wackos...the Tories...

Sorry, still don't have it in me to actually debate the obamarama obsessive pod people shite with any of you. I haven't felt this alone and isolated in quite some time.

On the good side, my dating career seems to be picking up. Thank you Obama, Michelle, family and the soon to be purchased fucking puppy. I've got more amerikkkan men on my "dance" card than I know what to do with. :)

My only problem now, I told Papi yesterday morning, is that when I meet a good candidate, especially if he's white and understands himself as progressive or liberal, I will always be wondering if he's performing cunnilingus on me?
Or on Obama?
And when he's banging away at my inside parts and making me howl, will it be my voice he hears?
Or the first lady's?
With all the wierdo shite floating around in the air, with the liberal responses that abound, you know say humanity's core shite, just as tied up in sex and sexuality as it is with race, is gonna be radically re...unh.,,,tooled and...unh...impacted...aHEM...deeply. :)

In the meantime...
Papi told me about an article he saw that put Obama in a kkkanadian political context for a moment. For anyone who cares to look...yes, I know no one does...it locates him and his policies as kindred to our ruling bigots the Tories.

But yes, I know...
darkdaughta he's Black and we're obsessed with and embarrassed about our centuries old system of white domination and...He's BLACK...and we can now wipe ourselves clean and absolve ourselves of participating in white domination...and HE'S BLACK!...and that changes everything...
Like it did for Clarence Thomas?
Like it did for Clarence Thomas.

Before you get your underwear in a hitch over the simply AWFUL comparison I'm attempting to draw between the anti-christ of harassment and the archangel of electoral politics, I'm just trying to point out that being Black isn't fucking enough. He would have to embody a particular shift in ideology.
And I don't know about what the rest of y'all are thinking...
But a christian, conservative, heterosexual, monogamous, patriarch in a suit is just really evidence of a change if people are so racist that a Black man who is articulate, educated and well dressed blows their fucking minds.
That's sad. Real sad. :)
It says a lot about how low the bar is set.

I know that the US has a history of sucking up to really conservative Black men. They have a veritable love affair with them. Now that love affair with those who can be seen as completely harmless, in that they choose to lovingly embrace the way of things rather than demand terrifyingly indepth, fundamental changes, has now been consummated.

There's blood on the sheets and most of the family is happy.

Papi brought me a cigarette a few days ago. Think I'll go smoke it.

Was it good for you?
Stupid question.
Of course.
I, myself did not cum. :)

The Toronto Star
Nov 07, 2008 04:30 AM
Rosie DiManno

CHICAGO—He supports the death penalty for heinous crimes, while acknowledging that capital punishment is likely not a deterrent.

He is opposed to same-sex marriage, though noting that time may prove he's on the wrong side of history on this issue.

He wants more combat troops in Afghanistan, while vowing to take American soldiers out of Iraq within 16 months of assuming office.

He had himself baptized as a Christian in adulthood.

Barack Obama is not the Canadian version of a liberal politician, even while occupying the far left – as a United States senator – of the political spectrum. In Canadian terms, he'd barely qualify as a Red Tory.

This may all underscore how far to the right America has listed in recent years, or how vast the chasm between what much of the world considers progressive and how that term is defined in this country.

An overwhelming majority of Canadians adore Obama, would have swept him into the Oval Office with a record-setting trouncing of the Republican party. Indeed, it often seemed as if Canadians were resentful of the fact they couldn't vote in another nation's election; as if they should be able to impact another's political topography.

Of course, Obama-mania is an extraordinary phenomenon 'round the globe, which augurs well for the U.S. reclaiming moral stature internationally. Comparatively, the president-incoming is the flip side of the president-outgoing, George W. Bush, and all the neo-conservative ideology embodied by this White House.

But, on the testimony as Obama has provided it – in his own words, in two memoirs – he simply is not as perceived by many in his thrall. The fault isn't that he's misrepresented himself; Obama has been quite candid about his beliefs, values and objectives. Yet many seem not to have been listening, or perhaps just tuning out the bits that rankle, parts that don't fit into their idealized characterization of Obama as antidote to what came before.

"I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own values," he once said.

While rejecting all stereotypes of race, Obama has been equally dismissive of pro forma liberalism, or what he wryly called the "latte-sipping Lakefront liberals," to put a local Chicago flavour on a type we all recognize.

In The Audacity of Hope, the then-junior senator from Illinois wrote about the failure of liberal governments in the U.S., an elitist disconnect from the lives of ordinary Americans that was so effectively exploited by Ronald Reagan.

Reagan exaggerated the sins of the welfare state but he tapped into a middle-America, middle-class exhaustion; a disenchantment with highbrow Democrats who derided their values. "A lot of liberal rhetoric did seem to value rights and entitlements over duties and responsibilities," Obama wrote.

Obama has values. You just might not like them. What he has promised, however, is that he won't be held hostage to his own certainties either. That way lies same-old partisanship and polarized governance.

The difference Obama draws between values and ideology: "Values are faithfully applied to the facts before us, while ideology overrides whatever facts call theory into question."

It is America's business where it decides to go under an Obama administration, no doubt to be influenced by the judges he nominates for the Supreme Court. But Canadians weary of losses in Kandahar might be in for a rude awakening when, as commander-in-chief, this president does exactly as promised: Muscles up the U.S. war against terrorism in Afghanistan, asking for more – not less – from its NATO allies. Obama has been even more hawkish than McCain about running Al Qaeda and Taliban belligerents to ground in their Pakistan sanctuaries.

He has so many promises to keep. Not all will be so sweetly received as getting a puppy for his daughters in the White House.

Rosie DiManno usually appears Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

okay, i lied...one more...this one was rich...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fucking blank eyed settlers...this is not y/our FUCKING (north) amerikkka...zombie people r us...they mde a video...how sweet...

I felt tears well up when I saw this. But I killed them off in favour of a good old fashion scream of horror.

i don't know what else to write or say besides...
if you all wanted a confident, assertive, intelligent, photogenic and articulate darkie in the white house you should have elected moi. :)

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Nope, we don't smile and say hullo when we see the piggies or when they come to visit...

they look and behave like undereducated dolts whenever i see them or interact with them. but clearly, even undereducated dolts who live in cardboard houses in suburbia are dangerous and should be defined as dangerously power hungry violently abusive psychotic sociopaths and avoided whenever or wherever possible.

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I think they could have done without the house of wax clips...

in any case...morning...

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And they got off? The donut eating piggies got off after doing this...?


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Monday, November 29, 2010

A love song for wikileaks...

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Beautiful work, wikileaks. you guys are brave, smart, media swavvy and totally rawk!

if what you're reading here grips you, holds you, fascinates you, provokes you, emboldens you, pushes you, galvanizes you, discomfits you, tickles you, enrages you so much that you find yourself returning again and again...then link me.

For those below the border, are you prepared to completely lose food security?

whatever they do to you will no doubt eventually happen to us...

Urgent call to action on Senate Bill 510 Food Safety Modernization Act - NaturalNews.tv

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Al Jazeera - Are we living in the end times? Well, dunh...

I think this philosopher's analysis is flawed and undermined by his lack of a radical left analysis. He's too much of a theorist. What he says isn't solidly grounded. He also lacks sufficient language, breadth of politicized language that would allow him to fully explore and understand the subject matter he's tackling. Or, at least I think so. I like what he says about tolerance.

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I didn't expect anything more. Nasty little piggies investigated by a puppet organization? Nah. That was a kangaroo court from the start...

SIU clears officers in G20 probe
Jayme Poisson Staff Reporter

Police move in on protesters just south of the Legislature in this file photo from June 26, 2010, during the G20 summit in Toronto.

Police move in on protesters just south of the Legislature in this file photo from June 26, 2010, during the G20 summit in Toronto. RICHARD LAUTENS/TORONTO STAR

Brendan Latimer was knocked down by a herd of fellow protesters during a G20 demonstration at Queen’s Park.

Lying on the ground, police moved in and arrested the delivery worker. That’s when one of the officers allegedly struck him in the face, causing a fracture.

The 19-year-old’s case is one of six from the June G20 summit that has been probed by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.

On Thursday, the agency announced no charges will be laid against police officers for injuries to civilians during the G20 protests.

In Latimer’s case, the agency interviewed nine witness officers from the Toronto Police Services as well a civilians. SIU director Ian Scott concluded that while there was “reasonable ground” to believe excessive force was used, they were unable to tell which officer caused his injuries.

“I’m let down, I’m very frustrated,” said Latimer, who says he also suffered two broken ribs and a deep cut to his head.

“They spent all this money installing cameras and surveillance devices . . . I’m enraged that they could use that stuff to catch protesters but not to catch police.

“It just seems like a double standard,” he added.

The SIU has a mandate to probe incidents involving police that result in death, allegations of sexual assault or serious injury.

Frank Phillips, an SIU spokesperson, said that only six complaints from the G20 were investigated by his agency because, “these cases met our mandate of serious injury.”

Dorian Barton, 29, was at a demonstration near University Ave. and College St. when he turned around to take pictures of mounted police officers with his cellphone. He was allegedly taken to the ground by a male anti-riot officer and suffered a fracture to his right arm.

Like Latimer, the officer could not be identified. Scott also said that Barton could not fully explain how the injury occurred.

“I ended up suffering a lot because of what happened to me and it’s frustrating no one is going to be held accountable,” said Barton.

In another incident, a YouTube video titled “Toronto G20, Peaceful Protester Tackled and Roughed Up,” shows Adam Nobody being chased by a group of about six uniformed police officers.

He is then tackled to the ground.

Because the officers all wore identical helmets and uniforms, it was impossible to identify which one is responsible for causing a fracture below Nobody’s right eye, said Scott.

Two officers were identified as having something to do with the incident, but exercised their rights, declining an interview with the SIU.

Nobody, 27, also alleged that two plainclothes officers took him behind a van, and repeatedly kicked him in the head. Scott said he found “no corroborative evidence.”

“It’s disappointing that the SIU felt that they were unable to get sufficient evidence to lay charges against any of the officers given the fact that all six of the complainants investigated did receive serious injuries,” said Toronto lawyer Peter Rosenthal.

“One would have thought the SIU would have been able to identify some of the officers.”

The Star recently ran a series of investigative reports examining a lack of results and accountability for police officers probed by the SIU over two decades. The series, “Above the Law,” found evidence that Ontario’s criminal justice system heavily favours police and concluded that officers are often treated far differently than civilians when accused of shooting, beating and running over and killing people.

“The record of the SIU has not been very good at pursuing charges against officers who have seriously injured people,” added Rosenthal.

Norm Morcos, whose complaint was also being investigated, said he wasn’t surprised. But not because the SIU was ineffective.

“The (SIU) officers I was dealing with were diligent and motivated,” said Morcos, who suffered a hand fracture, possibly from a police baton, while being corralled at Queen’s Park during the summit.

“I did not think that it would be likely that police officers would come forward and identify themselves as having contributed to my injury,” he said.

Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack said it’s important to remember there were officers from across the country who came in to police the G20, “not just ours.” Responding to the SIU’s conclusions, he said: “Mr. Scott put it the best. There was insufficient evidence for him to the lay the charges.”

For Brendan Latimer, it’s all very frustrating.

“Just to know that they can say ‘Yes, we know this happened, but there’s nothing we can do about it,’ ” he said.

“If they can’t do anything about it, who can?”

more about the thoroughly useless siu from dawg's blawg...

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I'm not an amerikkkan and therefore do not celebrate their thanksgiving...

...and i missed buy nothing day. i still thought this ad was worth sharing...

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I guess the mining company couldn't figure out a way to romanticize this man's death as others had done with those trapped miners...

The Obituary the Calgary Herald Killed

The long and short of it is this: a Calgary based company, Blackfire Exploration Ltd, is responsible for the death of Mariano Abarca; and the Calgary Herald won't publish an obituary commemorating his death.

Mariano Abarca was killed over a barite mine one year ago today.

I've been to Mariano's gravesite in Chicomuselo, Chiapas. Pretty much everyone in his community testifies that the man didn't have an enemy, not until the mining company came to town. After maintaining a blockade for months, sometimes even holding it down by himself, Mariano was shot in the back while sitting in his open top jeep in front of the hardware store in downtown Chicomuselo.

Before he was killed, Mariano was detained and beaten by company employees wearing their company uniforms. He told an attaché to the Canadian Ambassador to Mexico that he needed protection, and that if he was killed the blood would be on Canada's hands.

Now Mariano is dead.

He is remembered as an excellent speaker and an honest man, who wasn't going to let the company get away with cheating his town and damaging the valuable, communally held lands that villagers use to grow sustenance crops. After his assassination, Bety Cariño, an anti-mining activist, spoke at a demo at the Canadian embassy in protest.

Now Bety is dead. She was killed by paramilitaries in April.

The war in Mexico advances, and it's a war for territory. The drugs are there, but they're a pretext for a war designed to displace people and open up new territories for mining, oil & gas, hydroelectric projects, and false solutions to climate change (UN REDD program, etc).

While all this goes on, the corporate douchebags behind Blackfire and many other equally vile entities live in impunity in Vancouver, in Calgary, in Toronto, in Ottawa and Halifax and elsewhere, and the Status QUo Media (SQUM) kills a dead man's obituary.

Pathetic, pathetic system we're living in here peeps. That said, I hope folks will take a moment in memory of Mariano and Bety today, and remember to support your friends who are going to COP-16 in Cancún. We need to start weaving our struggles way tighter.

Background information on the case of Mariano Abarca.

Here's the release from Common Frontiers:

For Immediate Release
November 26, 2010

‘In Memoriam’ for murdered Mexican anti-mining activist refused by Calgary Herald

An ‘In Memoriam’ classified ad to be run on November 27th on behalf of the family of murdered anti-mining activist Mariano Abarca R. has been called "unsuitable" by the Calgary Herald, though several other Canadian newspapers, including the Globe and Mail and the Edmonton Journal, have agreed to print it.

"We are confused about why the Calgary Herald would refuse a paid ‘In Memoriam’ on the anniversary of the death of Mariano Abarca. Former employees of Blackfire Exploration, a Calgary-based firm, are in jail in Chiapas, Mexico awaiting court appearances related to his murder. We sincerely hope the Herald is not simply trying to avoid controversy from a local company," says Rick Arnold, coordinator of Common Frontiers.

Abarca, a leading anti-mining activist in the community of Chicomuselo, in the State of Chiapas, Mexico, was gunned down outside his house on November 27, 2009. The Blackfire barite mining operation near the town of Chicomuselo, which Abarca and his community were opposing, was closed by state environmental authorities a week later, on December 7, 2009. A Canadian delegation to Chiapas in April this year found a community devastated by environmental destruction, intimidation, violence, and bad mining practices.

While in Canada in September of this year, Jose Luis Abarca Montejo, the youngest son of the murdered mining activist, spoke publicly about how he holds Blackfire responsible for the death of his father, who had complained to local authorities about receiving death threats from Blackfire employees before he was killed.

"Intimidation, violence and even murder are not unusual occurrences around the world where mining companies, many of them based in Canada, sometimes operate with impunity," says Stuart Trew, trade campaigner with the Council of Canadians, one of 36 civil society organizations which signed a letter November 22 condemning the Canadian government’s failure to pass Bill C-300. The act would have held Canadian mining companies accountable for overseas violations of human rights and environmental standards. A report commissioned by Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada also pointed to Canadian companies as some of the worst offenders.

This Saturday, to mark the one-year anniversary of Mariano Abarca’s death, residents of Chicomuselo are holding a mass, a mid-day public information session on the legal status of the case, and an evening vigil at the Mariano Abarca family home. Several churches in Calgary are now considering reading out or posting the ‘In Memoriam’ in response to the Herald’s denial.

Mariano Abarca's obituary, which did not run in the Calgary Herald
Mariano Abarca's obituary, which did not run in the Calgary Herald
Mariano's partner Mirna Abarca sweeps his gravesite in Chicomuselo, Chiapas
Mariano's partner Mirna Abarca sweeps his gravesite in Chicomuselo, Chiapas
A Memorial to Mariano Abarca in his home in Chicomuselo, Chiapas
A Memorial to Mariano Abarca in his home in Chicomuselo, Chiapas
Oil and other abandoned materials at the mine site
Oil and other abandoned materials at the mine site

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Clearly, whether he signed under duress or not, they were going to get him back...

I maintain that he should have told his jailers with their threats of solitary if he did not sign their docs, to go fuck themselves. But he signed and they just found another way to put him back in jail this time with probably at least a smidgeon of loss of credibility because he signed when they told him to sign. So sad...


by Friends of Alex

"On this stretch in jail

I write letters to allies

instead of media statements.

This is not a media stunt

it is me living my life.

Message is action.

We are building connections,

a community of resistance.

I am learning to build,

to act,

to live,

to love."

- Alex Hundert, Nov 2010, Toronto West Detention Centre

As many of you know G20 defendant Alex Hundert was arrested for the third time on October 23, 2010 on the charge of intimidating a member of the judicial system. According to his brother Jonah Hundert, “The fact that this latest unbelievable charge is coming from the Crown themselves reveals a clear political bias from the Attorney General’s office to keep Alex in jail at all costs and to criminalize political dissenters."

Since Alex was previously unjustly found to be in breach simply for speaking on a university panel, and the complications of all the legal matters before court, he will likely not be up for a bail hearing until January or even February. That means that since his pre-emptive arrest for so-called conspiracy on June 26th, he will have spent almost six months behind bars. Given the particular targeting of Alex by the police, Crown, and Attorney General’s office and the growing number of outrageous charges he is facing, it is possible that he may not even make bail and he would remain in jail until trial (up to 2 years).

In the meantime, Alex's bail has been revoked, which means he is under no existing bail conditions. So other than those defendants who themselves have a non-association with Alex, you are free to write him a letter and we would encourage you to please do so. Letters can be mailed to the following address:

Alex Hundert

c/o Toronto West Detention Centre

111 Disco Rd

PO Box 4950

Rexdale ON M9W 5L6

This is not just about Alex. Other G20 defendants remain in jail, punished by the criminal (in)justice system for being poor and unable to afford exorbitant bail, while some face the possibility of deportation. We also continue to witness the intensification of repressive state practices and criminalization. Prison budgets are expanding by 27% over the next three years, the government is pushing forward a 3-year extension of the Canadian military's occupation of Afghanistan, the Conservatives are justifying the mandatory detention of asylum-seekers through Bill C-49 while over 400 Tamil migrants remain behind bars, Indigenous Elders and community members were recently arrested at the Nak'azdli blockade for defending their land against the Mount Milligan mining project, and another fatal police shooting has taken the life of an Indigenous man at Driftpile First Nation.

Across the world, police repression is targeting workers, students, and peasants who are rising up against G20 austerity measures and the entrenchment of market solutions to the crises of capitalism and environmental degradation. In a prior statement on Oct 11, Alex stated "The issues which motivated people to organize against the G20 – poverty, migrant justice, Indigenous sovereignty, the environment, militarization, queer liberation, ableism, violence against women, and economic justice – all continue to have tremendous impacts on people’s daily lives. Despite incarceration, my commitment to these struggles is only strengthened, as are our movements."

Free the People, Defend the Land!

For more information contact freealexhundert@gmail.com

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reteaching Gender and Sexuality...

perfect. much better, much more in your face than what the adults have been telling them about it getting better when they get older. the liberal message about waiting and hanging on may make us feel better but it doesn't doesn't support them to powerfully radicalize their resistance. articulate firecracker guerilla be...ings. they are beautifully familiar to me.

Reteaching Gender and Sexuality from Sid Jordan on Vimeo.

if what you're reading here grips you, holds you, fascinates you, provokes you, emboldens you, pushes you, galvanizes you, discomfits you, tickles you, enrages you so much that you find yourself returning again and again...then link me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Watershed moment for all polys unfolding in kkkanada...

Poly triad household goes very, very public

Canada's "reference trial" to test the country's anti-polygamy law begins tomorrow (November 22) in Vancouver — see lots of news — and it's expected to run through late January.

The case centers on Fundamentalist Mormon polygamists in Bountiful, British Columbia. But aside from them, the most news-making of the many parties to the case is the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association. The CPAA formed a year ago when polys realized that many of them and their supporters will be collateral damage — liable on paper to five years in prison — if the 120-year-old anti-polygamy law becomes enforcable as currently written.

One of CPAA's three directors is Zoe Duff, a 51-year-old government worker who lives with her two male partners and children in the town of Esquimalt near Victoria, B.C. I met her last month in Seattle at Loving More's Poly Living conference, where she and others gave a detailed presentation about the case. She and four other CPAA volunteers also attended the Polyamory Leadership Network meeting that followed.

With events racing along, Zoe and her partners have decided to go bold and be as public as public can be. This morning the three of them are profiled, with pictures, in Sunday newspapers across Canada.

In the Victoria Times-Colonist:

Esquimalt woman practices polyamory with live-in male partners

By Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist

The calendar at Zoe Duff's Esquimalt house is full of important dates. There are the work schedules for herself, a government employee, and her partners -- Jayson Hawksworth, a grocery worker, and Danny Weeds, a security guard.

Duff's two teenage sons also have work schedules and party dates on there. Date nights are important, so they're logged on the calendar as well.

Duff, 51, has regular nights out with the 54-year-old Hawksworth. She also has nights out with Weed, 44. Then all three go out together on dates, and they all date other people as well.

When the day is done, the three go to bed. It's a big one, measuring 2.4 metres by 2.4 metres, with Duff in the middle.

"They're both heat-seeking missiles and I'm the heat," jokes Duff.

It's an arrangement that works fine for all three. Their respective children and extended families -- both men are separated -- have no problems with their polyamorous triad.

Huff defines polyamory as "many loves," an ethical, non-monogamy, loving more than one person at a time in an emotionally and/or physically demonstrative fashion. A principle of the "poly" lifestyle is openness and honesty among those involved.

...Duff worries that she and others in the "poly" community will be caught in the [polygamy] crossfire and is worried about the criminalization of her way of life.

Polyamory is different from polygamy because all partners are consenting, said Duff. The hallmarks of the lifestyle are respect, integrity and communication.

Duff, twice divorced, said Hawksworth and Weeds "are both very gentle men and big-hearted. They allow me to be who I want to be."

Hawksworth says: "We push her to do what she wants to do. She wants to be more open in her lifestyle but she also wants to be able to write down things. She's a budding author, and she's a wonderful lady."

Hawksworth said the triad arrangement "makes me more open, makes me want to try new things."

...The two men get along so well that Duff jokes they are on a man-date and they just use her for cover. But the men are both heterosexual, so Duff is their only sexual partner within the household.

...Everybody agrees that polyamory takes a lot of talking.

"A lot of things you can get away with in a monogamous relationship, you can't get away with when there's more people involved," said Huff.

"You have to communicate on a level that's kind of scary sometimes. You have to put everything out on the table and be honest with yourself, which is really hard."

They say the payoff for all the hard work is when you can watch a partner having a great time with another person and not have a twinge of worry because you're secure.

..."It's kind of cool to be out with these guys and they're looking at girls on the street and they say, 'That's a nice one, what do you think?'," said Huff.

"This level of honesty and communication is so easy once you've achieved it."

Read the whole article (Nov. 21, 2010).

Versions of the article also appear in today's Vancouver Sun (under the title Threesome's company too: 'Polyamorous' adults defend way of life), The Province in Vancouver ('Many loves' works best for some people), the Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, and probably elsewhere.

The Vancouver Sun has provided the most extensive background on the polygamy case, including an earlier profile of Zoe and family: Polyamorous triad: "We are a stable and happy blended family". Much of the Sun's coverage has been by columnist Daphne Bramham, not exactly a disinterested party; she wrote the book Lives of the Saints exposing widespread abuses associated with patriarchal polygamy in Bountiful, and sometimes she seems to resent the polys for coming out of left field and complicating her crusade.

The National Post had an article on the case yesterday: Court to decide if polygamy laws conflict with rights charter, with a rather dismissive note on the polyamory interveners:

A total of 11 interveners will represent both sides of the debate. They make an eclectic lot. Among the groups challenging the law is it stands is the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, which supports the practice of having multiple relationships. It has filed supporting affidavits in which middle-aged members extol the virtues of sharing their bedrooms with more than one other. One polyamorist insists that her teenaged children don’t mind her two-male arrangement at all.

Stay tuned. The attorneys-general will present their opening arguments in the first few days, along with counterarguments from an amicus curiae appointed by the court. (The case has no defendants.) It's not known yet when the polys and their lawyer will testify.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Because a pontiff, archbishop, bishop or priest can never be too safe...

look what the patriarchal, authoritarian, clearly completely brain dead little waste of air and space they probably keep alive with a combination of electric shock and adrenalin shots to the heart has decided now in all his infinite LACK of wisdom...

Pope Says Condoms Are Okay For Male Prostitutes, But Not Women

Pope Says Condoms Are Okay For Male Prostitutes, But Not Women

why do i get such a chill when i think about where these bozos could possibly be headed after that photo was taken? there's something hideous about their suppression of the tales of young boys, how them and their cronies must see those boys as their rightful possessions/property. with that, not homophobia (internalized or otherwise) or an anti-sex work bias in play, i'm thinking that something is completely off about any of these rapist/enablers sanctioning the use of condoms for male prostitutes. i smell a disgustingly self serving rat.

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pligs, Ploys and what happens when the sisterwives aren't two men...

I'm really enjoying this show. The similarities for me as a Black caribbean born queer sexually perverse poly woman with two male partners vastly outweigh the differences (THEY ARE WHITE HETEROSEXUAL FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN PATRIARCHAL BREEDER COW WIMMIN WHO BELIEVE THAT THEIR HUSBAND CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE WIFE BUT THEY SHOULD ONLY HAVE HIM AND THEY CERTAINLY SHOULDN'T SLEEP WITH EACH OTHER)...which, of course, I do not ignore. I also don't use them to justify denying myself tiny bits of pleasure grounded in familiarity, either. :)

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Night music...

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