Friday, November 02, 2012

Yes, he may win but...

Obama smiles and poses with his wife and unharmed children while these children die.

This is a cruel reality. A difficult fact that those who support him will not want to examine or embrace.

His drones kill children.

I share this image knowing that the society is so desensitized by the constant inflow of fantasy violence in the form of movies and television, that this image will be understood as something offered for amusement and/or entertainment, shock value.

The reality is, this image is offered as a wake up call because amerikkkans are even more desensitized to the reality of what their brutal regimes do overseas.

These are human children.
These are my children.

When I live in a world where this can happen, I do not wake up happy that anyone is president.

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iamagaytekeeper said...

when I see images like these I hope that they are fake but I know better